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A Single Proprietorship company from its formation period, until such time that the company operations gradually increases and become a full grown corporation. Henceforth the company operates a multi-million pesos investment with the application of the top of the line and latest technology in Rice Milling & Processing.  The current production capacity of 3,000 kilograms of milled rice had easily translated into an annual gross turn over no less than Hundredth of Million Pesos.  Its infancy period operation, barely a year ago, proves highly promising based from its daily output of 70% of its installed capacity. 

The company also offers to provide financial support packages by providing the farmers with their pre and post harvest needs through the FMRDC Agri-Resources Microfinance Services (FARMS) for Marginalized Small Farmers and Fisher folks (MSFF). A joint program of the FARMS and Commercial Banks for the provision of credit to qualified borrower, organization for relending to small farmers and fisherman. Thus, aiming to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of marginalized small farmers.



Antonio M. Tumolva founded the company Farm Mechanism Resources & Distribution Corporation (FMRDC) in 2012, backed by a solid background in the construction and engineering industries. The fast growth of his company gave him a more significant stimulation to open more avenues that have develop into a new business opportunity. Reckoned from a passion of giving peoples empowerment without having to sacrifice the financial interest of the company, more prospects opened up for its business to flourish.

Strengthened by good management proficiency, coupled with a good grasp and undaunted capacity for challenges, a new sphere of success and achievements for this company has easily spawned. A supportive yet challenging management style, motivated the teams and individuals in the company to achieve and exceed the company’s targets thus allowing an unprecedented financial growth.

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Office Adress:

FMRDC Compound Brgy. Malimba, Gapan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Tel. No. 881-0596

Satelite Office:

36 Moses Street, Fil-invest II, Batasan Hills Quezon City Philippines

Tel. No. 951-2526

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